Kantengl├Ąttung Deluxe

Kantengl├Ąttung Deluxe (KGD) was a podcast recorded in a strange language only known to fabled people. Although one might think that the podcast is about masonry or woodwork, it really is about video games.

KGD shows come out on a schedule of when it's done, which can vary from weeks to months. Fans don't really expect new episodes but rather are happily delighted when a new one appears. Length is a very acceptable roughly two hours, about which people, who cannot pause a podcast, whine quite a bit. Maybe one day KGD will include a tutorial how to pause it.

The format is about one main topic and the nostalgic drifts around it. Often very detailed about graphics and the ground breaking the game achieved with it. The main hosts are Fabian A. Scherschel and Martin Fischer.

The show lacked any Warhammer content.

The show was put downat the end of 2018 with the final amount of episodes being 3. Reasons for the down putting are mostly because time travel wasn't achieved in the year, which made for poor planing, because a day has only 23h 56min and 4.1sec.

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