Geek News Radio

Geek News Radio (GNR) is a podcast which rarely features news and is never played on the radio. Whether or not it regularly contains geeky content depends on the definition of “geek” and is subject to discussion. Wow, what a train wreck of a name. NASA scientists calculated that “Grumpy Nerd Ramblings” would be a name that is at least 78% more accurate.

GNR shows come out on average every 14 days. Fans are sometimes tortured with long droughts followed by short bursts of episodes. Episodes have a very acceptable length of round about 2 hours. Everyone who says this is too long can go fuck themselves.

The format is that of a loosely structured, non-scripted and mostly unedited talk amongst 2-4 people. The main hosts are Fabian A. Scherschel and David Megins-Nicholas.

Notable Episodes

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