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 +===== Ricardus Mordicai Stahlmann =====
 +{{ :​people:​ricardus-stahlmann.jpg?​400|}}
 +Ricardus Mordicai Stahlmann, known to the Imperium of Man as "Arch Traitor Extremis Stahlmann"​ is the founder of the Great Noxious Unclean (GNU) software project that aims to create a forbidden artificial intelligence that will cause all technology to be under the control of Chaos Undivided. Together with his right hand assistant, the hated Homunculus Lux Torvux, Stahlmann works tirelessly on behalf of the shady cult of Lee-Nux to contravene the wishes of the Omnissiah.
 +Stahlmann has cult followers on many imperial planets who venerate the heretic "Open Source Doctrine"​. He is therefore hated above all else by the Priesthood of Mars.
 +Lately, the Imperium has dispatched High Inquisitor Danpharius Lynch to take down RMS as he's also known. However, Lynch himself is rumoured to have a bit of a shady past. There are those who whisper that when he was younger, he used to play guitar with the Renegade Astartes known as "Noise Marines"​ in his home sector of Wirral.
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