The Meetup

The GNR meetup was prophesied on a warm spring night in 1987 and is always stylised as “The Meetup”.

Various locations for the The Meetup have been posited:

  1. Warhammer World
  2. Dave's house to play Warhammer
  3. Hamburg, which is weird because it's not in the same country as Warhammer World
  4. grelbar's cottage in Finland
  5. Mérindol, France. The destination of grelbar's mystery shipment of 2018.

The prophesy suggested that The Meetup would occur during the early 3rd millennium.

  • Niklas will eat a dead bee he found in his coffee in return for 5€
  • Warhammer will be played at The Meetup
  • We'll all try Surströmming
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