Megalyncher Conspiracy

After Linux Outlaws ended in 2014 and before Geek News Radio launched in 2015, the roster of the network had undergone a (seemingly) radical change: Dan Lynch had left and Dave MegaSlippers joined as the new co-host of GNR. Soon after that rumours surfaced, which claimed that in reality no change in personnel had happened at all and that Dan and Dave were secretly the same person all along. The Megalyncher conspiracy was born.

This article aims to look at the theory in detail and examine the arguments on both sides.

1. Both their names start with D

The names “Dan” and “Dave” both start with the letter D, which is a strong indication that Dan, after taking the Dave identity, had difficulties adjusting to a new name and so a similar one was chosen. This also raises the question what the actual name of the individual known as Dan and Dave is. It seems likely that it's “Dan”, since this was the first name the audience knew, but when you look at the scale of the deception, everything seems possible. This is why, people subscribing to the theory refer to the individual as “Actor D”.

2. They both speak German with an English accent

Deniers of the Megalyncher theory often present the fact that they both have different voices as sole proof to “debunk” the argument. This is however an oversimplification. Trained actors have no problem with taking on a different voice and manner of speaking. But this ability is often limited to their own mother tongue. In a conversations with Fabian A. Scherschel, a German national, sometimes German words will pop up, which Actor D then sometimes repeats in confusion. Scientists have fed the audio of such incidents through a spectrographic encabulator and found a 99.8 % similarity, suggesting that the words have indeed been spoken by the same person.

3. They are never seen on the Discord at the same time

The Discord chat room is the main hub of social interaction between Sixgun personnel and fans. Since it's launch there has never been a conversation in which both Dan and Dave took part.

1. Steel Rain

On first glance the fact that Steel Rain was a show in which Fab, Dan and Dave participated is also a common attempt to strike down the theory. However, on closer inspection it's not so clear at all. It's more likely that it was a targeted operation aimed at discrediting the theory, for the following reasons:

  • The show's very short run indicates high production costs, since Actor D had to jump between roles, which obviously leads to many re-takes and requires intensive editing.
  • No German is spoken on the show, to mask the flaw in Actor D's abilities to separate the roles in that language.
  • The show is now almost never spoken of. Probably since it's flaws became so obvious that the network does not want to risk incentivising people to dig deeper.

2. The supposed three-host GNR

For a long time a GNR episode with Fab, Dan and Dave has been teased, but it seems to take a lot of time to come out. This is again due to the huge amount of editing needed to execute such a deceptive manoeuvre.

3. There's no reason to do this

In discussion with Megalyncher deniers they will eventually retreat to “But why all this? Why would someone go through all this length to fake a person?” The answer is simple: Tax evasion! We're not going to go into detail, just study it out, people!

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