Warhammer is a game created, killed and then created again by Games Workshop. Warhammer is a synonym for Warhammer 40k, because the other system is shit and has no lore.

During the feedback on GNR 74 the blasphemous proposition was brought forward, that Magic were the new Warhammer. That has since been debunked by a team of international experts.

Warhammer Age of Sigmar is claimed by Games Workshop to be a Warhammer game. This is obviously bollocks. The game was clearly created to stroke the ego of mediocre German politician Sigmar Gabriel and is a substandard version of Warhammer Fantasy Battle. WFB was discontinued because the nation of Germany was threatening the UK with economic sanctions would Games Workshop not nuke it and publish Age of Sigmar instead. With Sigmar Gabriel now sidelined from German politics and Brexit looming, many hope of a glorious return of the actual Warhammer, set in the Old World as is right and proper.

GW promotional image for Age of Sigmar
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