Welcome to the Sixgun deep lore archives. This is where we collect all the obscure details surrounding the shows of Sixgun.org.

Sixgun is a Podcast network launched in 2007 or some other year.. who cares, really?


Sixgun has over the years produced a number of shows with varying amount of Warhammer content.

Geek News Radio

Currently Sixgun's main show, GNR has a moderate amount of Warhammer content and otherwise deals with such topics as gaming, TV shows, movies and books. It is hosted by Fabian A. Scherschel and Dave Megaslippers.

Linux Outlaws

Perhaps the best known show was Linux Outlaws which had almost no Warhammer content and was therefore discontinued in 2014. It was hosted by Fabian A. Scherschel and Dan Lynch.

Hollywood Outlaws

What is it? We don't know. But the Hollywood Outlaws are coming our way…

Kantenglättung Deluxe

The art project KGD is a podcast entirely in a made up troll language. Since trolls are too clumsy for wargaming, this show has no Warhammer content at all.

Forstamt Pochinki

A podcast/Twich show where four people get together and play PUBG while pretending to be officers of the mighty Forstamt.

Angels of Death

This was the best show by Sixgun (or any other podcast network). It consisted almost entirely of Warhammer content. It was eventually shut down by the EU, because people loved it too much. SAD.

Illegal Outlaws outside the Law inside the Bounds of a Set of Ethics

Illegal Outlaws outside the Law inside the Bounds of a Set of Ethics, in short IOOTLITBOASOE is a proposed/beta/hypothetical show about… ethics, I guess?


Sixgun has the best™ community. One time they even created a wiki just for the lulz.

If you want to interact with the community, this is how you can do it:

  • Join the Discord. This is where the main bants in going on. Don't expect much activity on weekends.
  • Twitter: There's the Network's account and individual accounts for the show (see show's pages) and of course Fab's and Dave's accounts. Tweet them, bring bants!
  • Be active and join the “Sixgun Runslingers”, our very own Strava club.


Important events around the Sixgun network include the infamous Meetup and of course Operation SOAP

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