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 +'T was a warm summer night in Finland, when our hero grelbar got a strange notice from the electronic gods. He was to visit the lands of wine and yore to receive a blessing of new armour. Grelbar has never been to this particular place in France, but the call was strong. He wrestled with his thoughts about going and tried to find out, why destiny has sought him and not someone closer to this place. Alas he did not find out. He remained steadfast and in his cozy home. But this was not the end of the story.
 +On the eve of the year of 2019 the call was renewed and grelbar was pondering again. ​
 +"Will I take this long and hard journey upon me?" ​
 +He asked the gods why they blessed him again, instead of the french men, which were more suitable for this kind of endeavour. Alas they had no answer. He cursed the gods and cried to them, to never use his name again. For he wanted to spend his days in his cozy home.
 +That was the last of grelbar'​s odyssey and the gods remained silent ever since.
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